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Colombian Tea Highlight

Colombian Tea Highlight

You’ve tasted Colombian Coffee… now try Colombian Tea!

Grown organically in the beautiful mountains of Colombia, our Colombian tea is grown at heights of over 6,000 feet above sea level in the serene Andes Mountains. The tea plantation is a small tea oasis set against a protected rainforest, known as the Reserva Forestal Protectora Regional de Bitaco, or the Bitaco Regional Forest Reserve. Our unique Colombian teas are grown in rich, young volcanic soil and being situated close to the equator provides us with ideal weather conditions. These superb conditions all add up to create a beautifully delicate, yet full bodied tea. We currently offer six teas to choose from, one to suit any tea drinker's palette. Let us bring to you, the flavors of Colombia in every cup.

Below we have listed the six teas for your viewing: 

  1. Colombian White Tea:

    These are the leaves of a rare variety of white tea found only in the high altitude regions of the Colombian mountains. The plants need to be shaded for 8–10 hours a day to be able to grow in this climate. This extensive growth process produces a light and sophisticated flavour of this authentic white tea.

  2. Colombian Tropical Charming:

    A tropical Colombian infusion bound to leave you enchanted with its juicy tartness and a sweet, floral note. Containing a distinct flavor profile of Starfruit, Mango, and Lulo. This one is a tropical infusion that will rock your senses while providing you with a fresh, soothing aroma.

  3. Colombian Cacao Kisses:

    A decadent cup that harnesses the complex flavors of cacao. A sin in the best possible way. Your first sip of Colombian cacao black tea may leave you shaken, but you’ll soon come around to reveling in the deep, complex flavors. Toasted cacao nibs and cocoa husks feed into the loveliness. It’s a sin to be this good.

  4. Colombian Black Tea Mocca:

    In Colombia, scent is a guiding factor in every aspect of life. So naturally, the coffee, chocolate plantations and tea farms sharing the mountain sides are known for their beautiful aromas. At Chado we've created a tea inspired by these elements, blending Colombian coffee and cacao nibs with the region's harvest of Colombian black tea. Producing a rich, velvet sip of tea in every cup.

  5. Colombian Organic Leafy Green:

    This is an organic green tea with beautiful clarity and a fresh cup. Such characteristics are almost never found but we push the envelope for you. This tea is hand picked and imported from Colombia. With low astringency, and sweet, nutty flavors we hope you enjoy this experience at least as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

  6. Colombian Organic Black Tea Wiry:

    Loose leaf organic black tea with a full-bodied flavor, from the mountains of Colombia. When poured, it smoothly overflows while the amber liquor emanates a mellow and sweet flavor. This tea takes you to the scenic, and lush tea gardens of the Bitaco region.


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