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Chado's June Tea Picks: Classic Chado Teas for Summer

Chado's June Tea Picks: Classic Chado Teas for Summer

Are you new to Chado Tea or an avid Chado Tea fan looking to branch out from your usual order?  Today we have picked 4 teas that we consider to be “Chado Tea Classics”.  The teas we have selected today are all black tea based, with two teas being straight teas and the other two being delightfully flavored teas.  Here at Chado Tea we have a little something for everyone, so make a cup of your favorite tea and join us as we highlight these Chado Classics. 

Blue Flower Earl Grey

Feel like a cup of tea? Chado’s Blue Flower Earl Grey is for you. This is one of our best sellers and for good reason. Classic Nilgiri black tea leaves are blended with blue mallow blossoms, and bergamot oil making for a cup of tea that transcends all taste palettes.


Chado Breakfast

Back to basics with this classic Chado Breakfast blend. Balanced and mellow, this blend of Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon is perfect for your morning ritual. Effortlessly bring out the best in this refreshing and aromatic cup of pure tea. It’s all you need to get your day started.


Coconut Vanilla 

Brew into the most delicate tea that tastes of vacation. Our Coconut Vanilla Black Tea is filled with decadent coconut shreds and vanilla essence. As these two delicious ingredients swirl together with the black tea, they create a flavor and aroma that is particularly vibrant.


Darjeeling 3911

For the tea connoisseur and a perfect introduction for those new to the world of tea this blend Darjeeling 3911 is a must try. Our Darjeeling first flush comes from the most prestigious tea estates. The perfect, balanced and very dynamic taste with a long finish is achieved through a special blend of fine, top grade Darjeeling teas.

Chado Best Sellers

Want to try more of our Chado Classics? Visit our Best Sellers page to see what other tea-tastic offerings we carry!