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Wine Inspired Teas

Wine Inspired Teas

Did you know that there are so many similarities between wine and tea cultivation and tasting? From the same terms like sommelier and terroir to the way that it is tasted, the two should be paired together more than they are. Tastes and flavor profiles are both unique but can be married well together. Green tea and wine both have a rich amount of tannins which create the bitter taste that is recognized in both teas and wines. That being said, you’ll even notice a bit of astringency in both tea and wine. The way that teas and wines are tasted is another funny similarity. When attending a wine or tea tasting you’ll find that there are spit buckets lined up. The reason spit buckets are used is so that you can coat your mouth with the flavor of the beverage but it doesn’t leave a lingering taste so you can go on to taste and distinguish between different flavors. One major difference between tasting wine and tea is that you can end up tasting upwards of forty teas at a time, while doing this with wine, may leave you with a hangover the next day.

Not only is the cultivation similar, but the culture surrounding both is the same. Both are used in social settings and need to be served in a certain way to truly enjoy the flavor. One could say that they are both a bit temperamental, and if not taken care of properly, will leave you with a cup that will make you cringe. Even food pairings are done with both tea and wine. At Chado you may even be able to find us hosting Tea and Cheese and Tea and Wine pairings!

Years ago, Chado founders, Devan, Tek and Reena had an interesting thought. Their love for tea and wine goes so far that they thought to themselves, “Why can’t we take the floral taste of tea and combine it with the fruitiness of our other favorite beverage?” That is how the idea came about to create teas that would remind them of delicious wines. At Chado we’ve worked to create a line of three delicious wine inspired teas that will leave you wondering “Is there alcohol in this?” The answer is a resounding “No!” Check out our delicious teas below!

White Champagne Raspberry

This tea is arguably one of the most popular teas we carry with its white tea base, safflowers, raspberry and champagne flavoring. The white tea base adds a delicious floral and sweet taste. We often recommend this tea to first time tea drinkers as an iced tea! When served either iced or cold brewed this, you will feel refreshed, hydrated and thoroughly satisfied. This beverage is truly delicious and tastes just like it sounds.

Pink Sonoma

Another white tea classic. The Pink Sonoma is paired with rose petals and jasmine flowers to capture a beautifully floral taste. That paired with a cabernet flavor gives this tea the perfect balance of depth and weightlessness. This tea is recommended to be enjoyed both hot and or iced depending on your preference. Once you try this tea, you’ll feel like you are right in the heart of Sonoma County!

Assam Jungle Cabernet

This tea truly resembles a rich red wine and the taste is just the same. Assam teas are known for their robust and astringent taste similar to some red wines. The black tea base is delicious on its own but when paired with flavors like licorice, cinnamon, and cabernet flavor, the flavor of the tea is amplified into what might be a designated driver’s dream beverage.


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