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Tea & Food: A Foodie's Guide

Tea & Food: A Foodie's Guide

Tea in the modern age is the 21st century equivalent to wine. Like wine, tea can be paired with a plethora of yummy foods ranging from savory to sweet. You don’t have to limit yourself to just enjoying any of our teas with a traditional Afternoon Tea setup, below are some of our favorite foods to indulge in with a good cuppa

  • Black Teas are known for their robust flavors, making savory meals the perfect partner for this selection. Hearty, rich meats such as beef, lamb, and venison pair best with black tea if you are looking for a protein packed option. Secondly, heavy pasta dishes are also a great option, such as a lasagna or pasta dish with a rich tomato sauce.

  • Green Teas are known for their signature earthy, vegetative notes. This flavor distinction allows a little more room for food pairings. Meals such as vegetarian based dishes, salads of any kind, mild green curries, and light chicken or fish dishes all complement a delicate cup of green tea.

  • Oolong Teas are known to vary in their taste and hints of smoke, making for a complex yet outstanding tea. Distinctive flavors and foods pair with an Oolong tea, such as fruity desserts, smoked cheeses and meats, and the heavy use of herbs in dishes.

  • White Teas are delicate and light in flavor, meaning you will not want to choose a food that will overpower the taste of this tea. Subtle flavors such as a white fish dish(sea bass for example), mild cheeses, scones, and light hors d’oeuvres pair excellently with the delicate aroma and taste of white tea.

  • Herbal and Tisane Teas can have an array of flavors stemming from a number of different fruits and flowers that can be included in these unique blends. Because there can be a natural sweetness in these teas they partner wonderfully with robust desserts like a rich fudge brownie, indulgent chocolate truffles, and decadent cakes such as a Black Forest Cake.

    Are you looking for the perfect pair?

    Whatever tea and food delicacy delights your palette, know that we here at Chado Tea have a tea for everyone’s liking!