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What is Blooming Tea?

What is Blooming Tea?

Blooming Teas or “Display Teas” as some people may know them by, are a work of art in the world of tea. Blooming Tea can trace its origins to the Yunnan province, but their history is not entirely known. There are some tea historians who claim that Blooming Tea is a modern invention, whereas others say that it can be traced back hundreds of years. According to tea historians, Blooming Tea is believed to have originated as far back as the 10th century in the royal courts of China. It is said that it was during this time that the art of shaping and displaying teas began. In the courts of China these beautiful teas were not used for drinking, rather they were used as decor and to signify the owner’s wealth and status.

Each and every Blooming Tea is artistically hand-crafted by artisans in China. For the tea base it is popular to use either green or white Silver Needle tea. The tea leaves are then hand sewn into the fresh flowers, after which they are wrapped in cotton yarn and fired. Following this step, flavor is then added to the blossom before it is baked again another five times. Popular flavors for example are Mango, Guava or Passion Fruit, which are three flavors that we currently carry on our website. The talented artisans who create these works of art believe that their creations symbolize love, happiness, and prosperity. With this in mind they choose to work with the freshest and highest quality teas and flowers available.

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