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History with Chado Tea: Origins of Genmaicha Tea

History with Chado Tea: Origins of Genmaicha Tea

If you are a lover of Japanese Green Teas, specifically Sencha, then you might be familiar with Genmaicha. Genmaicha is a unique tea, utilizing Sencha green tea as its base, and adding in toasted rice kernels and popcorn. Genmaicha is most definitely a tea that tantalizes all the senses when you steep a cup or even a pot of it.  Today we’re going to discuss a little bit of the history behind this spectacular tea.

There are two legends associated with Genmaicha and its origins.

    • The first is that sometime during the 15th century, housewives of Japan would add small amounts of brown rice to the Sencha tea.  During this time period Sencha was considered an expensive tea to buy, so adding in brown rice helped when trying to make the tea last longer.

    • The second and more interesting story is connected to a Samurai and his servant. This story takes place during the 15th century as well and begins with the servant preparing a cup of tea for the Samurai. While steeping a cup of this expensive tea, it is believed that a few grains of rice fell from his sleeve and landed in the cup of tea. Thus creating the special tea of Genmaicha.

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Interested in trying Genmaicha for yourself? We here at Chado carry our own blend of Genmaicha that is sure to be a treat for any tea lover or an adventure for a curious tea drinker!  If you already like Sencha, then be sure to browse our other offerings of this beautiful tea infused with delicate ingredients or all on its own.