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The Finest Tea & Tea Party Desserts

The Finest Tea & Tea Party Desserts

Is there anything quite as relaxing and delectable as an afternoon tea party? Certainly not when the finest teas and tea party desserts are on offer. The fact is that there are almost as many types of top-quality tea to enjoy as there are desserts, so it can be difficult to find the ideal choice with such a wide available selection.

That’s something we try and help you with here, as we look at some of the most mouthwatering combinations out there for you to try at your next tea party. We’re going to be talking about some amazingly delicious options, so don’t be surprised if your mouth is watering by the end!

So, let’s look at just some of the delights out there to enjoy!


Mini Cheesecakes

The first entry on our tea party desserts list is mini cheesecakes that offer the scrumptious taste without the guilt that comes with eating a full-sized one! Offering a creamy, lingering, yet refreshing taste in the mouth, they’re popular for very good reason - because they’re delightful.

This particular dessert can be as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious, with your party spread looking colorful, rich, and inviting as can be with a plate of tempting cheesecakes amongst them. There is, adding even more depth to the experience, an ideal high-quality tea to go with it!

Colombian Tropical Charming

Perfectly complementing the subtle taste of cheesecake is the Colombian tropical infusion that comes with sweet, floral, and tart flavors. Featuring the flavor profiles of Lulo, Mango, and Starfruit, it stimulates the senses, while also gently soothing you with its fresh aromas for an unmistakable tea party desserts experience.


Raspberry Tartlets

Another wonderfully tasty and colorful choice of desserts for a tea party is raspberry tartlets, which offer a taste explosion in a bite-size form. Coming with the distinctively fresh taste of raspberry and the rich creaminess of the pastry it sits in, you may find it tricky not to go up for seconds!

There are not many things quite as alluring as a tray resplendent with a small pile of these sweet delights, which are as quintessentially Summery as strawberries and cream. The only way they can be made even more appetizing is by having them with their ideal afternoon tea choice.

White Pearls

The best tea party dessert beverage choice for raspberry tarts is White Pearls tea, which offers fragrant, smooth tones that come from the Far East. Coming, as it does, from the province of Fujian in South China, it’s steamed and dried in the open air, giving it a sweet aroma and a very pleasant taste that complements fruity desserts like tarts perfectly.


Hazel Macarons

A fun, colorful, and tasty dessert that’s ideal for your afternoon tea party is hazel macrons, which are most notable for their crisp, yet chewy exterior. Able to be dyed to the color of your choosing, they can add every bit as much vibrancy in look as they do in taste.

They’re super easy to make, as they’re created using one of the simplest tea party desserts recipes around, however, that doesn’t stop them from looking impressive amongst your tea party spread. Make some for your next afternoon tea gathering and we guarantee you that at least one of your guests will ask for the recipe!

Harmutty Estate Assam Black

Grown in the Indian province of Assam, it’s cultivated in the lowlands in the valley of the River Brahmaputra that features clay soil that’s extremely rich in nutrients. The result is a delightfully smooth, rich taste that sets off the flavors of your hazel macrons in the most amazing way!


Lemon Tea Loaf

If you’re looking for another of the tea party desserts recipes that’s nice and simple to make, yet mouth-wateringly tasty, you should try lemon tea loaf on for size. Satisfying, while at the same time refreshing and moreish, it’s a subtle taste that grows larger with each bite and it will have your tea party guests going back for more.

It might not be the most colorful when compared to the other entrants on our list, but it’s a very tempting appetizer that very much delivers more than it promises on the taste front. Combined with the others on our list, your spread will look balanced and oh so delicious!

Champagne Ti Kwan Yin

And the best fine tea to go with your lemon tea loaf is Champagne Ti Kwan Yin, which dates way back to China in the 1800s and is one of the oldest blends or ‘oolongs’ found there. It offers a mild floral, balanced and full aroma with a velvet texture and finishes that lasts long in the mouth, and it often comes with hints of chestnut and caramel. Wonderful.


How do you like your Iced Summer Tea?

We’ve looked at just a small selection of the many fine tea and dessert combinations that will leave a lasting impression on you and your tea party guests. We hope you enjoy working your way through these and sampling the sophisticated and complex flavor combinations that they offer.

However you enjoy yours is up to you, but if you’d like to know more about the many other types of tea that are available, visit the Chado Tea Room and make your reservation.


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