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From Garden to Cup: Organic Tea

From Garden to Cup: Organic Tea

When one hears the word Organic, they automatically associate it with being the healthy and environmentally friendly choice. But they might not understand the true meaning of what it means to be organic. According to the USDA a product has to be certified to have grown on soil that had no prohibited substances applied for three years prior to harvest. With strict rules and regulations in place it can be a long road to the final product, but in the long run it is not only beneficial for the customer but the environment. Today, we will be discussing the process behind Organic teas and how they go from the tea gardens to your cup!

Organic teas are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. While a tea plantation utilizing the Conventional growing methods might see more production in shorter periods of time, in the long run it could be at a high cost in relation to the environment and people. Organic Tea Plantations use alternative growing methods such as plant and microorganism based natural fertilizers as well as pest deterrents. Organic teas are grown on small-scale biodiverse farms that utilize organic and biodynamic farming techniques, such as allowing the local wildlife and local flora to grow around and with the tea.

The Small Organic Farmers’ Association also known as SOFA, is a driving force behind these small-scale farms. First started in 1998 the main goal for SOFA was to establish successful communities that could peacefully coincide with the environment. In 2022 there will be over 2,600 members and it continues to grow. On these tea farms other varieties of foods and spices are grown alongside the tea such as pepper, cloves, and vanilla. SOFA helps the local community of farmers by empowering them with their own land ownership and Co-op membership. When you the consumer purchase an organic tea you are not only helping the environment but you are strengthening small communities and empowering those whose livelihood depends on it.

Want to Purchase Organic Tea? Below we have highlighted a few of our top picks, ranging from black tea, green tea, and herbal blends we have it all!


Organic Gyokuro

This is one of the top organic green teas from Japan. It has an elegant aroma, with a nutty yet sweet flavor. Gyokuro is easily brewed and is suitable for either preparation at home or in a professional tea store.

Flavor Notes: Nutty, Sweet, Umami

Organic Korakundah Estate

Korakundah estate is a tea plantation located in the Nilgiri region of India. It offers its tea lovers a wide range of refreshing teas to enjoy moments of pure pleasure. Best appreciated straight from the tea cup, this blend of black tea is very aromatic, with a honey-like aroma, and a sweet yet fruity taste.

Flavor Notes: Aromatic, Mild, Smooth

Organic Honey Bush

Originally from the eastern cape region of South Africa, Organic Honey Bush has a delicate aroma of honey and is slightly sweeter than its Rooibos cousin. The unique taste of this herbal tea is like nothing you’ve ever tried.

Flavor Notes: Delicate, Honey, Sweet

Organic Breakfast Earl Grey

The strong, fragrant taste of a full-bodied tea, with the elegant texture of the finest blend of Indian and Chinese tea leaves. Mellow, yet with a slightly sweet and calming finish. Organic and delicately scented by fine bergamot, it will awaken your senses and soothe your body.

Flavor Notes: Bergamot, Calming, Delicate


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