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Chado's May Tea Picks: Spring Edition

Chado's May Tea Picks: Spring Edition

The spring season is almost over but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue the celebration a little longer. Today we will be highlighting our favorite selections of flower inspired teas, the perfect accompaniment to a season in full bloom. In these teas you can find flowers such as rose, hibiscus, marigolds, and chamomile to name a few. Below you will find our favorite floral teas categorized by their tea base, whether you like black, white, green, or herbal we have something for everyone!

Herbal and Fruit Tisane Tea

Chado Tea Bianca Tea Blend With Green Leaves Around


This loose-leaf blend may be simple in recipe, but it’s big on flavor. Ingredients like chamomile flowers, rosehips and hibiscus blossoms infuse your cup while adding antioxidant and immunity boosting qualities. Making your taste buds happy and your immune system stronger.

Flavor Profile: Citrus, Light, Tart

Hawaiian Cocktail

This tropical fusion is inspired by the vivacious South Pacific spirit of Hawaii. A blend of pineapple, papaya, orange, mango, raisins, rosehips and hibiscus steeps to a beautiful red. Best enjoyed hot or with ice, this cocktail refreshes in an island-style.

Flavor Profile: Fruity, Sour, Tart

Peach Melba

This Peach Melba herbal blend will awaken your senses and transport you to a French patisserie. The combination of delicate, aromatic peach, sweet apple and floral sunflower and hibiscus work together to create a sense of freshness and vitality.

Flavor Profile: Aromatic, Floral, Fruity

Green Tea

Chado Tea Finest Jasmine Pearls Tea Blend With Green Leaves

Rose Sencha

This loose leaf Japanese Sencha is handpicked in the early spring from the high mountains of Kyoto.The tea is processed with great care to bring out its pure aroma and flavor. The sencha is then infused with rose petals, rose hips, and rose essence to create a beautiful bouquet.

Flavor Profile: Distinctive, Rosy, Vegetal

Finest Jasmine Pearls

This is a fine, quality jasmine tea that will please your eyes, nose, and palate. It is produced from a high-quality green tea that is individually rolled with fine jasmine buds picked right before they bloom. The flavor is intense, the taste is remarkable, and it looks magnificent too!

Flavor Profile: Jasmine, Light, Sweet

Shangri-La Green

Try our Shangri-La Green for an unforgettable surge of flavors for your tastebuds. Combined with Mao Feng green tea, safflowers, marigolds, passion fruit, and peach flavor this blend is sure to transport you to a tropical paradise.

Flavor Profile: Fruity, Sweet, Tropical

Black Tea

Chado Tea Rajini Tea Blend

Reena’s Rose Oolong

Fragrant, flowery and zesty, this oolong tea embodies the essence of a rose whilst contrasting fruity, citrusy notes of fresh lemon. Inspired by and dedicated to Chado founder Reena Shah, this is an oolong tea worth savoring and sharing.

Flavor Profile: Delicate, Light, Rosy

Birthday Black Tea

Birthday Black Tea is a delightful blend full of black teas with tropical flowers and fruits. It has a bright and colorful taste and is pleasing to the eyes and nose with flowers and bits of colorful fruits. It has a round and silky taste that can bring out the kid in anyone.

Flavor Profile: Brisk, Festive, Tropical


Rajini is an artistic blend of the finest Indian tea with french lavender and a hint of rose petals. With exceptional aromas and unique taste and flavor you can see why this tea is known as the "Queen of tea" in Sanskrit.

Flavor Profile: Aromatic, Delicate, Floral

White Teas

Chado Tea White Tea Pearls Tea Blend

White Pomegranate

A wonderful, fresh, light tea with a slightly astringent taste. A perfect after-meal tea with a beautiful fruit flavor, White Pomegranate is a delicate blend of white tea, dried pomegranate, safflowers and pomegranate essence.

Flavor Profile: Delicate, Light, Floral

White Champagne Raspberry

White Champagne Raspberry Loose Leaf Tea is an afternoon tea that will leave you refreshed and tantalized. With a light scent of White Champagne under the fruity notes of Red Raspberry and Safflowers, this blend will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family.

Flavor Profile: Delicate, Fun, Sweet

White Christmas

This year, drink your way into Christmas. Enjoy our light and fresh White Christmas tea that we have blended with white tea, oranges, clove, roses, cinnamon, apple, and almond, reminding you of a winter afternoon stroll.

Flavor Profile: Light, Fresh, Floral

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