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Chado's July Tea Picks: In Full Bloom - Blooming Teas

Chado's July Tea Picks: In Full Bloom - Blooming Teas

Another month has rolled around which means we have another breakdown to share with you for our top picks for the month!  For the hot month of July we have our favorite teas to steep on display, our Blooming Teas!  These three teas are not only beautiful but amazing to share with your loved ones on a hot summer day.  With their visually stunning presentation and delicate taste, our Blooming Teas will keep you coming back for more.

Guava Blooming Tea


This exquisitely designed green tea is the ultimate in elegance and simplicity. The green tea unfurls to reveal a beautiful amaranth flower and a lush pink interior. From the moment you break open the tea bag, the floral aroma of the blooming tea wafts into the air. In your mouth, the Guava flavor dances on your tongue, with a sweet and refreshing aftertaste.


Passion Fruit Blooming Tea


 Indulge in a luxurious tea experience with our Passion Fruit Blooming Tea. This exquisite floral tea is delicately hand-tied, containing the essence of passion fruit that slowly blooms within a deep green tea. Savor every sip as you are transported to a tropical paradise.

Mango Blooming Tea


Experience the painstakingly genuine art of blooming tea, our Mango Blooming Tea brews up a real floral bouquet. Every tea is hand-tied with a globe amaranth flower and filled with the fruity scent of mango. This tea brings the calming spirit of the garden into your home.

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