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Chado's April Tea Picks: Our Best Organic Tea Picks

Chado's April Tea Picks: Our Best Organic Tea Picks

This April, let Chado Tea help you continue on your health and wellness journey for 2024.  All month long we are highlighting some of our favorite Organic teas that we carry online and in store at our Los Angeles tea rooms.  Below we have four of our Organic teas that are available for purchase all year long, but you’d prefer to try others make sure to check out the rest of our Organic tea selection!

Organic Gunpowder Green

Beautiful emerald-green buds with an attractive appearance and an earthy smell: This is how Gunpowder green tea presents itself in the cup. Softly rolled into small pellets, creating a nutty, vegetal taste and aroma.

Flavor Profile: Earthy, Nutty, Vegetal

Organic Breakfast Earl Grey

The strong, fragrant taste of a full-bodied tea, with the elegant texture of the finest blend of Indian and Chinese tea leaves. Mellow, yet with a slightly sweet and calming finish. Organic and delicately scented by fine bergamot, it will awaken your senses and soothe your body.

Flavor Profile: Bergamot, Calming, Delicate

Organic Roasted Kukicha

A harmonious blend that's organic (as nature intended it to be), but still satisfies. This tea is smooth, roasted to bring out a light nutty flavor, and provides a gentle warming effect. It's a delicate cup of tea that will quiet your mind and soul.

Flavor Profile: Nutty, Smooth, Warm

Organic Korakundah Estate Black Tea

Korakundah estate is a tea plantation located in the Nilgiri region of India. It offers tea lovers a wide range of refreshing teas to enjoy moments of pure pleasure. Best appreciated straight from the tea cup, this blend of black tea is very aromatic, with a honey-like aroma, and a sweet yet fruity taste.

Flavor Profile: Aromatic, Mild, Smooth

Want To Try New And Exciting Teas?

Browse our website for more unique and exciting teas to try!  While you’re there, try our subscription service to keep your tea cabinet stocked with your favorite Chado Teas all year round!