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Wellness Rou'tea'ne

Wellness Rou'tea'ne

Say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021.

I feel like that phrase is so overdone, but it feels much more symbolic as we kick this last year to the curb. This year feels different. Here’s our chance to put ourselves first. If you’re working from home or heading into the office, a proper routine can be grounding and necessary.  Distractions pop up every day, and sticking to a schedule isn’t always as easy as it sounds. It can even get a little boring. That’s why Chado is our saving grace. Tea is always a constant in my life. I constantly have a pot of tea steeping, and it’s something I can look forward to throughout the day. 

With 150+ teas and blends to choose from, this is one part of my day that I never get tired of. Whether I need a morning boost, an afternoon pick me up, or something to help me fall asleep, Chado has us covered. It’s taken a while to create a good routine to keep me feeling refreshed and energized throughout the day. Not to mention, every cup of tea I drink is a delicious treat that I get to give myself. I put together a list of my current favorites going into the rest of 2021, read on for some suggestions on how to make tea a part of your wellness rou'tea'ne!

Morning Caffeine Kick 

English Breakfast

You’ve heard of this one before! English Breakfast is such a classic tea and it’s one that I can always count on. Coffee has never been my go-to drink but I, like most, need a little caffeine boost in the mornings to get my day going. I really enjoy the maltiness and sweetness of the tea leaves. I love to drink this tea hot with milk and a bit of monk fruit.

Steeping Instructions: Use boiling water and steep for 3-5 minutes. 

Mid-Morning / Early Afternoon Boost

St. Marc

The St. Marc tea is a delicious fruity black tea that tastes like a guilt-free dessert. I always crave something a little sweet after my lunch, and this tea is the perfect treat! The tea leaves themselves are from the Nilgiris in India, known for their smooth and sweet taste. It's blended with strawberry and vanilla, which mimics a strawberry and cream taste. This is another tea that tastes great with a little milk and sweetener.

Steeping Instructions: Use boiling water and steep for 3-5 minutes.

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Chado x Sinensis Mie Ceremonial Matcha

Matcha has recently become a daily favorite of mine. Unlike Starbucks’ matcha latte (made from green tea powder), this particular Japanese matcha has such a rich and umami flavor that raises the bar for tea companies selling matcha. Hailing from the Mie Prefecture of Japan, this tea is made in smaller batches and carefully crafted like most Japanese teas. Its quality is unmatched and something that will surely become a part of your daily routine as well!

Steeping Instructions: Heat water to about 175 degrees Fahrenheit, pour hot water into a bowl with ½ tsp of matcha, and mix with either a bamboo whisk (preferred) or a fork will do just fine!

Nighttime Recovery

Brendan’s Herbal Chai

Where are my rooibos lovers? This tea has all of the deliciousness of a caffeinated chai. If you’ve never tried Rooibos, you’ve been sorely missing out. The South African plant has a natural vanilla-like flavor, which adds that perfect sweet flavor, again without the guilt. It’s also one of the few herbs that pairs with milk without curdling. I particularly love the lemongrass flavor this tea has to offer as well!

Steeping Instructions: Steep for 5-7 minutes in boiling water.

Want To Spice Up Your Morning Routine?

Browse our Selection of Morning Blends to the perfect start to your day!