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Chado's Best Picks For Fall

Chado's Best Picks For Fall

The first leaves of fall have started to change colors and the aroma of Pumpkin Spice fills the air. We here at Chado Tea love when the holidays roll around, because we have a delightful array of teas to enjoy this time of the year. Whether you love a sweet or straight tea, we have options for every tea connoisseur's palette. Below you can find our top Chado picks for the Fall season.


Halloween Inspired Teas

Chado Tea's Dia De Los Muertos Rooibos Tea With Halloween Skull

To kick off the spookiest time of the year, enjoy one of our 3 Halloween inspired teas.

  • Black Magic

     Halloween is just around the corner and we here at Chado are ready to bewitch you with this enchanting tea. Cast a spell with this black tea blend which boasts a beautiful, malty, caramel flavor!

  • Basic Witch

    Don't ever let someone call you a Basic Witch again, at least not while drinking this blend! Channel your inner (not so) Basic Witch with our spellbinding sencha blend. It's not your average Pumpkin Spice, but a sure treat for green tea lovers!

  • Dia De Los Muertos

    Your dearly departed will love the rich, velvety chocolate flavor paired with the fixings of pumpkin spice. This rooibos based treat will leave you wanting more and wishing that fall didn't come but once a year!


Autumn Flavors of Tea

Chado Tea's Mulling Spice Tea Surrounded by Pumpkins

In the month of November when the air is crisp and winter’s chill starts to hit the air, these four choices are perfect to keep you warm all month long.

  • Chado Mulling Spice

    Chado's Mulling Spice takes the perfect spices for a cup of hot mulled wine or cider to a whole new level. This blend contains cinnamon, cloves, fennel, orange, and other spices. Simply add a spoonful of spice to your favorite hot beverage for the real holiday experience!

  • Margaret’s Hope Autumn Darjeeling

    This is your morning wake-up call. Bustling with the taste of crisp, autumn leaves, the bold flavor of this tea has been moving early risers to wake up and smell the roses. With its strong aromatic flavor our Margaret's Hope Autumn Darjeeling is perfect for anytime of the year, not just fall.

  • Rooibos Bourbon

    A blend of South African rooibos tea and bourbon vanilla, this aromatic blend has a delicate yet not overwhelming taste. It is both comforting and grounding and provides a bright and uplifting aroma. The perfect companion to accompany your daily routine.

  • Butterscotch

    Enjoy the taste of Butterscotch Black Tea, which has a sweet yet buttery taste, and a smooth finish. The steam and the aroma you inhale, and the taste that lingers in your mouth all add up to the experience of this tea. A tea that you have to sip to truly enjoy the sweetness and the buttery character.

It's the season to fall in love with our Tea!

Join us in one of our four Tea Room Locations to experience these delicious teas for yourself!