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Jameson Hot Toddy Tea

Jameson Hot Toddy Tea

If you were to research the origins of the Hot Toddy you might find a few different stories. For this recipe we will go with it’s Irish origins for our March highlight. It was believed that an Irish doctor by the name of Robert Bently Todd invented this treat as a way to ward off any illnesses that might ail his patients. His original recipe consisted of hot whiskey, cinnamon, and sugar water. Since this first record of the drink the recipe has changed based on the region and the drinker. Our version of the drink implements the use of our Irish Breakfast tea, which we have steeped in the whiskey for added flavor!

Follow our recipe below to make one for yourself this St. Patrick’s Day.

Jameson Irish Breakfast Tea Hot Toddy


  • 4 ounces of hot water

  • 1 ½ ounces Jameson Irish Whiskey, infused with Irish Breakfast tea

  • 1 bar spoon honey

  • ½ ounce fresh lemon juice


  1. Steep your Irish Breakfast tea in the Jameson Whiskey for 30 minutes, then strain.

  2. Add the tea infused Jameson, honey, lemon slice and fresh lemon juice to a glass.

  3. Pour hot water over the top, stir.

  4. Serve and enjoy! Or as the Irish would say, Sláinte (slawn-CHA) meaning “Health!” their equivalent to our American “cheers!”. 


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