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Chado's March Tea Picks: Teas to Sip On for Spring

Chado's March Tea Picks: Teas to Sip On for Spring

Though the rain and cold is sporadically popping up here in Southern California, spring is peaking through the rain clouds.  Here at Chado we can’t wait to welcome in the warmer days and longer evenings as spring progresses in the coming months.  For the month of March we have selected 4 teas that encompass a little bit of everything for spring, with light, floral, and fresh flavors.  These teas might become some of your new favorite go-to Chado teas! 

Mint Tea

If you love the combination of mint and citrus, then look no further! Our Mint Tea is made of a unique blend of green tea, mint leaves, and lemon, and produces a strong yet refreshingly light flavor.

Flavor Profile: Citrus, Cooling, Mint

Irish Breakfast

This blend of Assam and Chinese black teas is just as smooth as it is sophisticated, with a taste that the Irish have perfected. A comforting and refreshing morning tea, this is the best cup of tea that you could start your day with.

Flavor Profile: Bright, Cool, Full-Bodied

White Tea Pearls

Nothing feels quite as good as a few fragrant pearls of loose leaf tea on a hot summer afternoon, or a cold winter night, for that matter. We've taken the perfect tea and packaged it in beautiful pearls, a design like no other. Our White Tea Pearls have a sweet, smooth taste of China.

Flavor Profile: Light, Soothing, Subtle

Birthday Black Tea

Birthday Black Tea is a delightful blend full of black teas with tropical flowers and fruits. It has a bright and colorful taste and is pleasing to the eyes and nose with flowers and bits of colorful fruits. It has a round and silky taste that can bring out the kid in anyone.

Flavor Profile: Brisk, Festive, Tropical

Want To Try New And Exciting Teas?

Browse our website for more unique and exciting teas to try!  While you’re there, try our subscription service to keep your tea cabinet stocked with your favorite Chado Teas all year round!