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Aroma of Tea: Chado Tea Fall Simmer Pot Recipe

Aroma of Tea: Chado Tea Fall Simmer Pot Recipe

November, the month when hosting duties kick into high gear.  Our homes begin to fill up with family and friends, ready to celebrate the best time of the year.  With the constant flow of hosting duties, we always want to make sure our homes smell amazing when our guests arrive at our doors.  A popular trend at the moment is using chemical free oils, diffusers, and candles.  A great way to keep aligned with this trend is to create your own simmer pot!  Today we have a fall-tastic recipe using Chado’s Mulling Spice. 

Mulling Spice Zest Fall Simmer Pot

This tea simmer pot is a citrus lover's dream! Using lemon and orange rind with our Chado Mulling Spice, this tea simmer pot is a delight for the senses. 


  1. In a medium pot or dutch oven, add in about 4 to 5 inches of water.  
  2. Add in all ingredients. 
  3. Bring the pot to a simmer over low heat. Note, if the simmer pot comes to a boil it will burn the ingredients and ruin the aroma. 
  4. Allow to simmer for several hours.  The pot can be refilled with water as needed if you wish to use the simmer pot for longer. 

Try The Tea Mentioned In Today’s Blog!

Chado Mulling Spice

Chado's Mulling Spice takes the perfect spices for a cup of hot mulled wine or cider to a whole new level. This blend contains cinnamon, cloves, fennel, orange, and other spices. Simply add a spoonful of spice to your favorite hot beverage for the real holiday experience!

Flavor Profile: Cinnamon, Comforting, Warm