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A Legacy: Devan Shah

A Legacy: Devan Shah

If you didn’t know by now Chado Tea is a family run business. Originally run by Devan and Reena Shah, it is now in the hands of their children Brendan and Bianca Shah. This brother and sister duo are taking Chado and the world of tea to new heights as they grow upon what their father built. As they continue to add to the legacy of their father, they haven’t forgotten their roots and the vision their father had for not only the company but for the world of tea.

In honor of Father’s Day we’ve asked Bianca and Brendan two questions about their dad and you can find their answers below.

What does it mean to you to continue on your dad’s legacy?

Bianca: I consider it a privilege to be able to continue our dad’s legacy. We were thrown into this at a young age and are doing our best to try and honor his legacy. He was the best man, teacher, and entrepreneur that I knew, and everyday we wake up with the intention of continuing his life’s work.

Brendan: It means a lot. I am able to do the things he did in the place where he did them. It is inspiring and humbling. I have grown so much in the last 6 years.

What is your best tea related memory with your dad?

Bianca: My best tea-related memory with my dad is spending summers with him in the Nilgiri’s, going to tea plantations, and factories and learning everything that he knew and loved about tea.

Brendan: Spending time in India on tea plantations with him was always great.

In honor of Devan Shah and his contributions to the world of tea, Chado Tea has a signature Chai in honor of the man behind the legacy. We carry this deliciously creamy chai in loose leaf form and pyramid tea bags, perfect for anyone who has a preference!

Devan’s Legacy Chai

This chai was specially blended in memory of Chado Tea Room's patriarch Devan Shah. In this delicious cup, you'll taste notes of cardamom, lemongrass, and vanilla. This tea can be served with milk and sugar for a creamy mouthfeel.

Flavor Profile: Creamy, Energizing, Vanilla

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