Teas from Darjeeling are like the wines from the Champagne district of France - “extraordinaire.” It is said: “Tea without the name Darjeeling is like French wine without the prestige of Champagne.” Darjeeling has unique tea-growing seasons. After a period of dormancy during winter, tea plucking starts at end the of March and continues through April. This is called the first flush; teas produced during this period tend to have a somewhat greenish cup with superb taste and flavor. The prime second flush season begins in May. Teas produced during this period are of the most exalted quality, featuring exquisite bouquet, muscatel flavor, superb taste and a lingering aftertaste. Teas produced during this season rightly fetch the highest prices. The monsoon hits the Darjeeling region in late June, and teas produced thereafter are of lesser quality. The months of October and November bring autumnal showers and produce a small batch of excellent-quality teas that are referred to as Autumnal Flush Teas.