Spectacular mountains in South India that form part of the Western Ghats Chain, a land lush with vegetation and teeming with wildlife and a thousand streams and rivers. John Sullivan, an East India Company official was the first European resident of the Nilgiris, which in the 1840’s became a summer retreat for Europeans. Nilgiri estates produce more than 90,000,000 kg per year or just under 10 percent of India’s total tea production. High-grown Nilgiri is considered “the Southern Darjeeling” and is known worldwide for its fragrant, bright, and brisk character. Tea is grown in the Nilgiris throughout the year at elevations up to 7,500 feet among eucalyptus, blue gum and cypress trees. The flavor of the tea carries a hint of mint, lemon or eucalyptus that is present throughout the year in varying degrees. World-famous Nilgiri estates include Tigerhill, Chamraj, Korakundah, and Craigmore.