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The Chado Collection

The Chado Collection

If you’re reading this blog then you’re most likely a tea lover such as we are, even more so you’re probably a lover of all things Chado tea. In the over 30 years that we have been a part of the tea world and all of the things that come with it, did you know we have a Chado Reserves collection? This grouping of teas is what we think is quintessentially Chado, teas that emit class, luxury, and the perfect tea experience every time. Today we’re going to highlight these teas and a couple of other items that fall under our signature Chado collection.

Chado Reserves Signature Tea Collection

Chado Tea Chado Breakfast Tea Blend On Table With Sugar Cubes & Toast

Chado Breakfast

Back to basics with this classic Chado Breakfast blend. Balanced and mellow, this blend of Assam, Darjeeling and Ceylon is perfect for your morning ritual. Effortlessly bring out the best in this refreshing and aromatic cup of pure tea. It’s all you need to get your day started.

Flavor Profile: Bold, Nutty, Robust

Chado Afternoon

Nothing stops the senses after a full day of work, the exhausted body and the brain that demands to be engaged a little more. Keeping the conversation light and colorful, just like this cup of tea. Let the aromatic flavor of Chado Afternoon, a blend of Darjeeling teas, envelop you in its aromatic and exquisite flavor.

Flavor Profile: Aromatic, Smooth, Refreshing

Chado Special Green

For a collection of teas that can only be described as superlative, choose Chado Special Green, a blend of some of the most sought-after Darjeeling leaves. This is a classic brew with a subtle and sweet taste that will refresh, and inspire the senses. Exclusively manufactured for Chado Tea.

Flavor Profile: Astringent, Light, Vegetal

Chado Mulling Spice

Chado's Mulling Spice takes the perfect spices for a cup of hot mulled wine or cider to a whole new level. This blend contains cinnamon, cloves, fennel, orange, and other spices. Simply add a spoonful of spice to your favorite hot beverage for the real holiday experience!

Flavor Profile: Cinnamon, Comforting, Warm

Chado x Sinensis Ceremonial Matcha

Our ceremonial matcha comes from the Japanese prefecture of Mie. Historically, Mie has only supplied tea to Japan and Europe. Only recently have they expanded to the US. Together with our cousins from Tijuana, Sinensis Tea Bar, we are introducing a delicious matcha from this beautiful region.

Flavor Profile: Umami, Vegetal, Sweet yet Nutty

Chado Darjeeling Black Tea Bags

A sweet and amber cup of delicious tea from Darjeeling. Our Chado Darjeeling black tea is available in a Pyramid Tea Bag for your convenience! These tea bags are meant for our full leaf teas and are packed with flavor! Check out our selection of pyramid tea bags for more flavors and experience Chado on the go.

Flavor Profile: Umami, Vegetal, Sweet yet Nutty

Want To Try Chado's Signature Tea Collection Pieces?

Chado Tea Wellness Collection Box On Table

After you’ve grabbed yourself a few of our signature Chado teas don’t forget to check out some of our other Chado Tea collection pieces! From our Chado Chocolates to our Chado Collection boxes, and Chado tea accessories we have something for every tea lover.

Chado Tea Infused Chocolates

Make your favorite tea even more special with these delicate, chocolatey treats. Chado Tea Infused Chocolates are the perfect way to end a meal or enjoy as a decadent dessert. Enjoy these rich, chocolatey bites infused with some of Chado's famous signature teas.

Flavors: Earl Grey, Chai Sea Salt, Matcha, Lemon Chiffon, White Champagne Raspberry, and Passion Fruit Oolong

Chado Wellness Collection

Our Wellness Collection is a set of 6 herbal teas, these teas are known for their Ayurvedic properties and are selected with your optimal health in mind. Each container holds enough tea to make 1-2 pots, and it's a great way to find your favorites. Enjoy delicious blends like Organic Turmeric Comfort, Kapha and Holy Detox.

Chado Children’s Tea Collection

This delightful tea collection is perfect for the little ones in your life. With four herbal based selections containing sweet flavors, these teas are sure to please! Sweeten them with a little honey or lemon, or enjoy them as they are. They're the perfect drink for kids and adults alike. If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for your child's friends, this tea collection is sure to please.

Mini Chado Canister

Enjoy a piece of Chado in your home every day with a miniature Chado canister! Replicated to look like our bigger Chado tea canisters we use in our tea rooms, this smaller version makes for the perfect gift for your resident Chado tea lover in your life. Don't want to gift it? Then use it to store your own Chado tea at home and make every day a Chado afternoon tea day!

White Chado Mug

"If at first you don't succeed, Chai Chai Again!" This is a quote we live by here at Chado! This deep set mug is perfect for all tea lovers who can't get enough tea in one sitting! No need to keep refilling when this cup is set to fit a pot worth of tea in one. Enjoy!

Navy Chado Mug

"If at first you don't succeed chai and chai again!" Our signature Chado logo and quote make this mug the perfect gift for any tea lover in your life. Ideal for including your or your resident tea lover's favorite tea to give as gifts to family and friends. Color - Navy. Size - up to 12 ounces of your favorite tea.

Want To Browse More Teas From Around The World?

Visit our website or one of our four Chado Tea Rooms today and find the tea perfect for you!