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ALSON'S TEA: A Day of Siblings

Through years of dedication to her handicapped brother, co-owners Reena Shah and Tekeste Mehreteab of Chado Tea Rooms Los Angeles, CA, honor her brother Alson and help others through this non-profit foundation.

Supporting brother and sisters with siblings with developmental disabilities. Alson's Tea hosts a bi-annual afternoon tea that recognizes and celebrates sibling contributions in the lives of their brother and sisters with special needs. For More information regarding Alson's Tea, Please contact Reena Shah at


President, Chado Tea Room and International Tea Importers


With humble beginnings, philanthropic entrepreneur, Reena Shah was born in the Fiji Islands, has devoted her life to a career that would revolutionize tea drinking in Los Angeles, She also leads, sponsors and funds many community organizations. In memory of her late brother Alson, who suffered brain damage as a child. Devan and Reena Shah, togather with business partner Tekeste Mehreteab, have dedicated Alson's Tea: A Day of Siblings. Alson's Outreach event held at the Chado Tea Rooms in collaboration with various organizations twice a year.

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With many awards and accolades to mention, togather Reena and Tek have built Chado Tea Room into an award winning institution for fine teas in Los Angeles. Featured in many fine publications, and recognized for best quality, service, and affordibility.


On May 2014, the Cha Jing Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to the late Devan Shah for all his success and achievements.


Devan, Reena and Tek have had humble beginnings, through religious belief, and hard work, which have made them successful today. They give back various donations and sponsorships to community organizations, local and international non profits. They support organizationas like Pratham, (educating children in India), Habitat for Humanity (building homes, giving hope, water and light in rural communities of India).


Supporting organizations such as Pink Pump (special needs network Los Angeles). Supporting and Sponsoring their own organization Alson's Te: A Day of Siblings (mentoring a support to siblings of children with special needs held twice a year at their various Chado Tea Rooms in Los Angeles.


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